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Any detected failure with neither flight deck nor cabin effect but to be fixed within a time period. 500hrs/1000hrs etc

1. Definition of Class 4 fault? How many hours before it is displayed on ECAM

Level 1- crew monitoring (no sound, advisory msg, master caution), level 2 - immediate crew awareness (single chime, advisory, master caution), level 3 - immediate crew reaction (continuous chime, repetitive noise or specific noise, master warning)

2. Airbus Emergency Levels

Designed to allow monitoring of minor faults or allow airlines to manage repair of faults

3. Time Limited Philosophy


4. RAT kVA

X8 on each network, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 on network A, 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19 on network B (no AFDX sw’s numbers 8,10,18)

5. AFDX switches on each side

Allow MMEL as a GO item for IOM 2 & 4

6. IOM failure

1 to 9 (no number 8)

7. AFDX switch numbering on network A

Airman on ground

8. Legal repository for the e-log


9. Application on ANSU-OPS

ANSU-OPS 2, has ability to run in battery only mode, backup fan

10. Which is master ANSU-OPS

4 Digit random verification code to be entered in a limited time period

11. Test with caution, what comes up on OMT

Sync is done manually after failure, replacement, Replication is done normally and the master copies to the slave

12. Auto synchronisation of ANSU-OPS database

Hard PP activates the screen positions pre installed application software

13. How do you know the position of the Display Units in flight deck? Hard Pin Programme or Software Pin Programme

Non-critical systems

14. What SPP does

AC Bus 2 and DC Bus 1

15. TR1A Power supply

Rectifies AC-DC up to 300A, Controls the Battery Line Contactor

16. TR does what

SPDBs (1-6 cabin, 7-8 cargo)

17. What manages the commercial loads

Aft RHS of upper deck

18. Location of the FDR

ACDN and Arinc 429 backup

19. FWS to CDS/DU, what kind of connection

ADIRU from MMR 1&2

20. Clock failure, where does it get its backup


21. Normal time comes from which box


22. Visual Attention getter from FWS/CDS, type of connection

faults only active for preflight, taxiout and postflight (flt ph 1,2,12, its inhibited at all other times)

23. Tail strike fault indication. When does it occur

AFDX and Canbus/discrete for backup control

24. ECP to FWS connection and backup

Isolates NSS/avionics world from the aircraft systems incase of system failure or it is comprimised. Hard shutdown

25. NSS to Avionics Switch

An advisory has occurred and has been selected

26. On ECP, steady light on p/b shows indicates what

Apps are done by ATA chapter

1)Where do you find the software for a IOM

FIN - Functional Identification Number

2) How is the software identified


3) How do non subscribers connect to system

A-G (7)

4) how many types of CPIOM

Core, config, app

5) what order do you load CPIOM software


6) why are IOM’s mirrored


7) what powers CPIOM’s and IOM’s

Own app system ATA

8) what system failure do you get for a CPIOM failure

DC from HOT BATT BUS used if AC power lost for longer than 5 seconds. Unit goes into 120 second shutdown

9) how do we ensure an orderly shutdown of NSS

Main avionics bay

10) TPU, where is it located

Supplies DVI info to OIT on info from flt ops domain

11) TPU what does it do


12) where is NSS units located


13) which are NSS units that have fans on them


14) what is process for data storage backup in NSS called

ARU-OPS2 for when on battery only

15) how is OMT connected


16) which ARU-OPS is master

16 NET A - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9. NET B - 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19

17) how many switches in the system

A/C data sent according to a pre determined path, this is known as a virtual link Data sent via two paths in network A and Two paths in network B

18) what is a virtual link

System stops until p/n’s are the same

19) what happens if ANSU 1 and 2 have different APP p/n’s

Avionics and flt ops

20) what domains can be displayed on OIT

Hard shutdown of system

21) what happens if NSS-AVNCS switch is pressed


22) can PMAT be used in air

Wait for s/d for 120secs More 3 eng and greater 80kts or new flt num

23) what do we do before starting a PFR

Class 4/5

24) what class of item is under pending items

System bite, FWS info

25) where does the CMF get its fault info from

TRU powered from HOTT BATT BUS

26) what controls battery

Closes IBLC

27) what happens if TRU fails


28) how many buses can a single ext source or generator supply

AC1 normally, Emergency AC4, RAT

29) what powers AC ESS bus

Static inv starts till RAT deploys

30) what happens if theres no power to AC ESS bus

RAT - GCU Generators - GGPCU 1-6 (5&6 for APU)

31) what looks after power of RAT and main generator

SRPS -Safe Redundant Power Supply (4 cards)

32) what supplies power to cards in PEPDC

Segregated canbus

33) what backup signal output from KCCU

8 - cruise

34) what is default flt ph

DC ESS and static inv to get AC ESS/EMERG

35) what do you get if BATT 1 and ESS BATT selected

EWD and capt MFD(shows PFD)

36) what indications do you get on batt power only on power up

AC and DC EHA buses for TEFO only

37) whats difference for TEFO and LMES


38) what hosts the FDIAS

Aft cargo fwd end

39) where is 3 axis gyro located

Analogue Arinc 717 havard bi-phase

40) what is the output of the 3 axis gyro

Self monitored and monitored in a loop by another DU

41) how are DU’s monitored for failure


42) what systems are connected to CMV

2 probes, 2 loops, done by flt phase as to fault or strike Level 2 for strike with LAND ANSA (Ph 6,7,11)

43) what details the tail strike system

Flt ph 1 and 12

44) when does flt ph class 4 become class 1

CPIOM-C1/2(FWS) sends discrete to lights Sounds from FMS to AMU then to speakers

45) what lights the attn getters


46) How many CAN busses on an overhead ICP


47) Who has the most limited access to the eLog

Avionics domain and Flight Ops domains

48) What can be accessed from the OIT

Flight Limitation Zone

49) Where is the flap/slat information displayed

RAT continues to operate the bus.

50) following a TEFO with RAT supplying AC ESS BUS. If all power is recovered what will then feed the AC ESS BUS

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Chapter 24

1. How many generators are there and what is their KVA rating

2. What are the main AC busses

3. Which main Bus normally supplies the AC essential Bus

4. What alternative sources does the AC essential have

5. What indications are there of VFG bite messages

6. Can a VFG be reconnected after being disconnected

7. How is each battery connected in a batteries only condition on the ground

8. What is the procedure for filling the VFG with oil

9. What are the names of the power distribution centres/boxes and where are they located

10. If you are trying to change the state of electronic cb's and it is not working what might you have forgotten to do

11. What are the functions of the GGPCU

12. How will SPDBs be affected if the ADCN network to them fails

Chapter 31

1. Typically how many CAN bus connections do the KCCU, ECAM and overhead Integrated Panel Have

2. Which CDS displays are powered on battery.

3. What is a CDS monitor loop.

4. What is the time function of the ADIRU for

5. What is a secondary failure

6. What are the indications and audio for level 1,2,3 messages and how are they transmitted.

7. What is the default flight phase.

8. What timers are associated with class 4 messages.

9. What does the CMV do . What and how are pictures displayed on the CDS

10. What are the functions of the CDAM

11. Describe the tail strike function, its indications fit phase inhibits etc.

Chapter 42

1. Are CPIOMs fully interchangeable.

2. What class is an single IOM failure

3. Which 2 I0Ms can be failed on despatch

4. Which 2 AFDX sws can be failed on despatch

5. What is a virtual link

6. How does eng start affect SPP

7. How are software apps identified in the AMM

8. If a CPIOM F fails will the pilot see a CPIOM F message

9. What is the purpose of an IOM

10. How many I0Ms and types are there

11. How many CPIOMs and types are there.

12. How many AFDX sws are there

Chapter 45

1. Where is the OMS ACMS DLCS and Main software repository stored

2. What are the 2 OMS modes

3. How is AIRMAN used and what is the legal repository

4. What 3 ways can the state of some thermal cbs be determined

5. How can the ACMS be used to aid real time fault diagnosis

Chapter 46 NSS

1. What is the function of the following units SIRU, ANSU ops, OWD, SCI, ACD, PMAT

2. Which domains do the OMT and OIT connect to.

3. Which domain does the PILOT's Laptops connect to.

4. Which LRU is used to load Avionic software