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Review 27/4/22

Water Waste

CPIOM G for air/ground (LGERS) (also ADIRU for altitude px etc) but NONE run it. They are all LRUs

1. Which CPIOMs connect to water/waste

Aft cargo fwd of T shape

2. What is the location of the potable water tank

FAP and the PWIP

3. How do you look at the preselect for water qty level


4. What level do you fill the potable water to without elec power

Heating and disinfection control unit, pump, inhibition of scaling module, water heater (air<10oC or water <6oC).

5. What components in the potable water treatment system

Switch on the LWSACD (Lavatory Water Supply-Assembly Control-Device)

6. How do you reset the water faucet heater

On the GND and up to 16000ft

7. When does the vacuum generator operate

Toilet assembly MPI for toilets and GWDU MPI for galleys waste disposal— I think! MCI (Motor Control) does vac blowers

8. What controls the flush valve motor operation

By 2 electric compressors or ground connection

9. How are the water tanks pressurised

Heater, Circulation Pump, De-Scaling Unit, Heating & Disinfection Control Unit (HDCU)

10. What components in the Water Treatment Module

Aft Cargo, R/H sidewall

11. Where is the Water Treatment Module located

Manual shut-off valve

12. How do you isolate Law sink water supply


13. How does CIDS monitor Lag heater operation


14. Preselect of potable water level is from

Switch on service door gives inhibit signal to MCI for Vac Gen

15. What inhibits Vacuum sys during servicing

Below 16,000 ft or if altitude signals are lost

16. When does Vacuum Generator operate

Set to operate as if below 16,000 ft

17. What happens to Vacuum Generators if altitude signals are lost

Multi Purpose Interface (MPI)

18. Which LRU controls flush and rinse valves

Motor Controller Interface (MCI)

19. Which LRU controls the Vacuum Generator


5000 psi

1. What is the pressure of the hydraulic system, on the A380


2. How many sources of Hydraulic Pressure for the yellow system


3. When you are only connected with EXT PWR 1 (ie on GND SERVICE) which EMP runs

Check HP accumulator via ATA 32 LEHGS

4. Before performing hydraulic servicing what must you do

GND SRVC panel and from reservoir

5. How many ways are there to depressurise accumulators

GSP, ECAM HYD page, OMS report reservoir level, sight glass on reservoir

6. Where can you check HYD QTY

HP Filters, Return Filters and Case drain filters (reservoir filter is mechanical only and not ellectrically monitored)

7. Which filters of the hydraulic system are monitored

Return filter

8. Which filters have a bypass device

Turn the reset on the EDP body

9. How do you perform re-engagement of the Hydraulic pump after it has been declutched

Cargo doors are operating the pump

10. What does the full green triangle mean on the HYD page but amber PX 0psi

The Inner manifold (the other manifolds are Belly and outer)

11. Which hydraulic manifold connects inner EDP and EMP outlet

Case drain line (the other lines are return line and pressure line)

12. Which Line of the hydraulic system connects to the Air/Hyd heat exchanger

Cargo door ops or Body Gear Steering

13. How is the auto mode of the EMP initiated


14. What monitors the EMP for over speed, speed and pressure and over heat


15. The fan of the AIR/HYD heat exchanger are controlled by which LRU

Reservoir T by HSMU

16. What are the signals required to operate the fan of air/hyd heat exchanger

The HP manifold. 1 PX transmitter (it also has 3 px switches)

17. Which px transmitter provides signals to the PRIMary flight control computers

Manually with valve on reservoir or electrically via remote depressurisation switch on ground service panel

18. How can you depressurise the Hydraulic reservoirs

5000 psi

19. Normal operating pressure for Hydraulic sys

Case Drain return line to the reservoir

20. Which hydraulic line is connected to the Air/Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

HSMU, using Fan Isolation Valve

21. How is Air/Hydraulic Heat Exchanger controlled



1. What monitors and controls the cockpit door lock

Up to 120s (then flash for 5s)

2. In emergency mode what is the timer on the cockpit door entry module to flash green

Cabin Pressure and slide armed

3. What is the function of the door warning light

Above 60knots and 24000 to 28000 feet

4. When does the flight lock actuator actuate


5. What is the material used for the door hinge


6. What controls the operation of the swivel actuator

Open the door handle and use switches inside

7. To operate the swivel actuator for outside what do you do

8 hours

8. How long will the LDC remain operative without power

In the arming lever

9. What is the location of the slide arm prox switch for the upper deck door

Aircraft pressured still (>2.5mb)

10. What does the pressure warning light flashing on the cargo door means

Green light in panel

11. What is the indication that the cargo door is opened and locked


12. Where does the demand for the EMP pump come from

It has counterweight springs (2) and a door uplock

13. How is the weight of the bulk cargo door balanced and stay open


14. How many access to Main Avionic


15. Which LRU monitors Bulk Cargo operation

Autonomous Standby Power Supply Unit (ASPSU)

16. Which LRU provides the signal for the cabin differential Px


17. Which door is connected to pitch attitude sensors

Px equalisation valve

18. What is the component in the cargo hold that operated in rapid decompression


19. What controls the door slide system

Press the manual inflation button

20. If slide fails to inflate what do you do

M3 and M1 extension

21. Which door slide is inhibited when ditching

Push OK button for 3s

22. How do you make the trolley lift go into Maintenance Mode

Door closed and locked or from FAP Maintenance P/B

23. How do you get 100% lighting in the toilets

Make sure they are all lowered

24. To have an active CLS what do you need to do with sill latches

2. 1 inside and 1 outside

25. How many control panels for each cargo load are

Pitch Attitude Sensor (PAS) in upper AV bay sends signal to LDC

26. What component controls MD1 slide extension deployment

Mechanical Coding Pins, specific order to that location.

27. How does the slide packboard prevent installation in the incorrect location

Door Sill latches NOT in the UP position

28. What prevents Cargo Door closing

Landing Gear

system 1

1. What is the LGCIS that connects to 4A and 5A

System 2

2. What is the LGCIS that connects to 4B and 5B


3. L/G RDC 4A and 5A power supply


4. L/G RDC 4B and 5B power supply


5. Which Hyd system is used for the bogie trim actuator WLG

To prevent large fluid loss

6. What is the function of the fuse after there check valve on the bogie trim actuator

selector valves for doors , selector valves for gear

7. Which valves for normal extend and retract

3 cut-out valves (stop supply and connect to return line) 5 vent valves (actuators to return line)

8. For free fall which valves are used

Bypass valves

9. Ground door opening is by what

10. What is the method used for body gear retraction

Behind Captain

11. Where is the landing gear pin stowage


12. How many Landing gear pins

On the lock link

13. Landing gear down and locked sensors are where


14. Which Landing gear safety pin requires special equipment

To provide wheels down attitude

15. What is the function of the bogie trim actuator on the WLG


16. What direction is the method of wheel retraction for BLG

Outer door

17. What door is operated by the hydraulic sys on the BLG

Door Bypass Valve

18. Which valve is used to provide door ops on ground

After each full extension and retraction.(Landing Gear Control Indication System sys1 and 2)

19. When does the changeover of LGCIS control and monitoring take place


20. What is the power supply for valve operation

Using the SEPDC

21. How is L/G baulk removed


22. Which CPOIM and App for normal L/G extend and retract

LGRDC 4A/B (also does WLG)

23. NLG on ground prox switches send signals to


24. Which hydraulic system powers WLG Bogie Trim Actuator

3 per unlock, NUA (1) and EUA (2)

25. How many actuators are used to unlock doors

Inner, Centre and Outer. (Auxiliary is mechanically driven by Inner)

26. Which BLG doors are hydraulically operated

Door Selector Valves, Landing Gear Selector Valves.

27. Which valves are used for Normal Ext/Ret

Cut-Out Valves, Vent Valves

28. Which valves are used for Free-Fall Ext

Door Bypass Valves

29. Which valves are used for GDO

5 green arrows

30. What is the “down and Locked” indication on the Independent Display

Timer. 63 secs to all gears down and locked.

31. Free-Fall system operates on which principle

Electric power, Hydraulics, Handle

32. What is required to close doors in GDO

Remove Maintenance Panel, Simulate gear extended on Pros switches

33. What is the precaution for closing the BLG doors following FF ext

Normal, Alternate, Ultimate and Emergency (Parking uses HP Accumulators)

34. How many braking modes with hydraulics supplied

BLG Alternate system px. Upper Lowest HP Acc, Lower L/R Px to brakes

35. Triple Gauge Indicator shows which system


36. Which CPOIOM and App controls WLG braking

Normal braking available (CPOIM/IRDC), Gear extended, 3 Secs upon retraction.

37. When is In-Flight Braking applied

2, Comfort and Performance

38. How many modes for LEHGS

Electronic Control Module (ECU) on each LEHGS

39. Which LRU controls LEHGS

When EBCU gets Park Brake discrete and PRIM Logic (Ground Spoilers deployed or on ground, <15 its, min 1 Eng running)

40. When does WLG support Ultimate Braking


41. Which App controls steering

No Green Hyd Px or HP accumulator Px low

42. When does LEHGS in Steering system operate


43. Which Hyd sys connects to BLG Steering

Wheels and brakes and tyres and stuff

Comfort and Performance(in use pump on all time).

1. What are the modes of operation of the LEHGS


2. Accumulator refill button operates what valve

A/c in flight, shock extended, no faults , Autobrake armed.L/g lever set to up . CPIOM and IRDC in control .

3. In flight braking the conditions to be met are

per WLG X2 ABSELV’S and x2 ASV’s

4. How many valves in the WLG BRAKING Alternate system


5. In Emergency braking the ctrl is by

EBPTU on the Capts pedals and NBPTU on the F/o’s

6. Braking system what units are fitted to each brake pedal F/o CAPT’s


7. Park brake mode operation gets its input signal from the ? Park brake sw, (EBPCU

the L/G used are the BLG 4000psi and WLG(to sdy)1740psi

8. Ultimate mode what are the pressures

part of the NORM system and QTY 2

9. How many ARV’s in the BLG braking system

Qty 1 purpose to refill LEHGS

10. How many ARV’s in the WLG


11. How many ACCumulators in the BLG braking system


12. Emergency braking signal from the pedals is by

CPIOM fails or ANTI skid sw to off !

13. What conditions put the A/c into Emergency braking

Auto- less 30kts on taxi out, on GND. Manual via OMS,CMS test.

14. How do you fill the brake ACCUM


15. WLG pressure in the ULTIMATE mode is limited to

BCS is in CPIOM G Side 1 is G1&G3 side 2 is G2&G4

16. Where Is BCS

Emergency braking is by EBCU and Rudder pedals EBPTU

17. What is emergency braking


18. PARK brake px is

BWS LVDT must be in locked position.

19. The LVDT Rigging on BLG BWS is available when

Flying Controls

Conventional, EHA, EBHA

1. What are the types of Servo

Backup Control Module (BCM)

2. What controls Ailerons if PRIM and SEC’s are lost


3. What is the backup control for spoilers

CPIOM-C (x2) and Flight Control Data Concentrator (FCDC) app

4. Which CPIOM and APP is for Flight controls


5. What is the power source for PRIM 1/SEC 1

Pedals via Pedal Feel Transducer Unit (x2)

6. What is the input for Rudder operation

Sidestick input - provides co-ordinated turn

7. What gives Yaw function input when in roll

PRIM and SEC can do Direct Law (SEC can only compute Direct)

8. Which computers compute Direct Law

NZ Vertical Accel (4), NY Lateral Accel (4), NZ LAF Verfical Accel for LAF (6) and Rate Gyros (6)

9. What Accelerometers and Gyros are installed on the aircraft

2 feedbacks, one to each channel

10. Feedback from servos to PRIM/SEC is

Active and Damping

11. What are the Aileron conventional servo modes of operation

Loss of hydraulics, Mode Select Valve (MSV) closed, damping restrictor limits flow between chambers

12. When does Damping mode operate

4. Hydraulic, Retracted, Blocking, Maintenance

13. How many Spoiler conventional servo modes

Maintenance mode, operated via key, manually opens blocking valves

14. What is the manual mode for spoiler PCU and how is it operated

Electronic Module

15. What controls EHA in Electric Active mode

5. Hydraulic Active, Retracted, Electric Active, Blocking, Maintenance

16. How many Spoiler EBHA modes are there

Solenoid valve closed, EM controls motor speed/direction

17. How does Spoiler EBHA Electric mode engage

Solenoid valve open, servo valve controls movement

18. How does Spoiler EBHA Hydraulic mode engage

Inboard Aileron (conventional PCU), Outboard Elevator (Conventional PCU) & both Rudders (Upper EBHA)

19. Which surfaces are controlled by the Electric Backup System

Pitch Trim Switches

20. Pitch trim in backup mode controlled by

3, Green sys, Yellow sys & Electric (if installed)

21. How many tests for THS


22. Manual filling of EBHA is via

On the ground it is inhibited unless Hyd power is supplied to a/c

23. What is the inhibit logic of the EBAs and EHAs

Via Sidestick Transducer and Damping Units (SSTDU) - 14 potentiometers

24. How are Sidestick signals sent to Flight Control Computers

Pedal Transducer Units (2)

25. How are Rudder Pedal signals sent to Flight Control Computers

Pull lever up to “Arm” auto speedbrake, Push lever down and move rearwards to manually extend

26. How do you operate the Speedbrakes

CPOIM-C, Flight Control Data Concentrator (FCDC)

27. Which CPOIM and APP is used for Flight Controls

Electronic Module on each PCU

28. What controls EHA and EBHA in Electric mode

5, Hyd Active, Retracted, Elect Active, Blocking, Maintenance

29. How many modes of operation does a Spoiler EBHA have

Use maintenance key to manually operate blocking valves

30. How do you select Spoiler EBHA to Maintenance mode

Yellow motor from Pitch Trim switches

31. When in emergency mode on BCM, what controls the THS

PRIM and SEC (SEC can ONLY compute Direct Law)

32. Which computers provide Direct Law

PTA = Ailerons and Spoilers 6-8, ATA = Inner and Mid Ailerons

33. LAF triggers, which surfaces operate

Amber X is due to position feedback loss, amber box is due to control loss

34. Flight Control ECAM indications show Amber X, Amber box, what does it show

Reset CB for Slat 1/2, Flap 1/2

35. How do you reset the SFCC’s

They both operate (if not on ground) but at half speed

36. When Green Hydraulic is lost, what happens to Slat/Flap operations

2, 3 or Full

37. What is the range of the Flap lever for Load Relief to be active

Auto reset when torque reduced, but pop-out indicators have to me manually reset on ground.

38. How do you reset system over-torque on Slats