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Glass Laminate Aluminium Reinforced Epoxy - laminations of Glass Fibre and Aluminium

1. What materials make up GLARE

2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx.

2. What types of Al alloy are used in the fuselage

Sandwich and Monolithic

3. What types of composite structure are used


4. Which composite materials are used

PADS, EBAS, OHDS and optionally SCS

5. Which apps are in CPIOM-A

3 X-bleed valves, 1 APU Isolation valve

6. What valves are controlled by PADS


7. Bleed valve control signals come from


8. Which LRU controls HP Bleed valve

Regulated Pressure transducer (Pr). Also closes for over-temp/reverse flow

9. Which Px signals are used to operate Bleed valve

EBAS, uses Pre-cooler Differential Px Transducer to sense and closes Bleed Valve

10. Engine reverse-flow protection is provided by which CPIOM-A App

OHDU. 1=Loop A, 2=Loop B

11. Which LRU provides leak detection signal to CPIOM

CPIOM-B, AGS App, calculates Flow Demand

12. Which App controls the AGU

Mixer Unit

13. When LP ground air connected, where does it feed into

4 HP fans, 8 HEPA Filters (+2 optional)

14. HP Recirculation Sys has how many Fans/Filters

CPIOM-B, VCS App and VCM Fwd (left fans) and Aft (right fans)

15. Control of recirculation sys is by

1 motor per door, 2 doors per AGU. RAID (inlet) is 1 door, 2 motors

16. How many motors are on each Ram Air Outlet Door (ROAD)

To prevent freezing of condenser and provides assistance to TCV if full open and mixer temp too low.

17. When does Turbine Bypass Valve (TBV) operate

In each wing root

18. Where are the FDACs located

Open to provide Trim Air to the other 2 quadrants normally served by the closed TAPRV

19. When one TAPRV is closed, what is the position of the TASOV

FCV 2 and 3, via TAPRVs

20. Which FCV supply Trim Air

Trim Air Drive Device (TADD) In Fwd Cargo, Left Triangle (sidewall)

21. What is the electronic controller for Trim Air

CPOIM-B, VCS App, and VCM Fwd and Aft

22. Control of CAX is from

VCM Aft (they are in the aft bulkhead)

23. ORVD signals are sent to which LRU

CPOIM-B, CPCS App, OCSMs (ACP to EPP), Outflow Valves

24. Auto Pressure Control is performed by which components


25. Where can you check outflow valve operation

To supply cold air from the mixer unit to cool the Fwd Cargo

26. What is the function of the Cold Air Valve (CAV) in the Fwd Cargo Vent sys


27. Who controls the CAV

CPIOM-B, using VCS App, VCM Fwd and TCS App, TADD for trim Trim.

28. Who controls the Fwd Cargo Vent sys

Via an In-Line Duct Heater that heats LP Recirc Manifold Air, controlled by CPIOM-B, VCS App, VCM Aft Back-up.

29. How is Heating provided in the Bulk Cargo

Outboard Engines, via both WAIV. Inboard Engines can be used as alternate via X-Bleed ducting

30. Wing Anti-Ice (WAI) is normally provided with air from

28VDC for AICU, 115VAC for Heater elements

31. What is the power requirements for Cockpit Window Heating

5 IPCU, 5 IPDU. 3 for Water/Waste, 2 for Floor Panel Heating

32. How many IPCU are installed

Manually with valve on reservoir or electrically via remote depressurisation switch on ground service panel

33. How can you depressurise the Hydraulic reservoirs

5000 psi

34. Normal operating pressure for Hydraulic sys

Case Drain return line to the reservoir

35. Which hydraulic line is connected to the Air/Hydraulic Heat Exchanger

HSMU, using Fan Isolation Valve

36. How is Air/Hydraulic Heat Exchanger controlled

Pitch Attitude Sensor (PAS) in upper AV bay sends signal to LDC

37. What component controls MD1 slide extension deployment

Mechanical Coding Pins, specific order to that location.

38. How does the slide packboard prevent installation in the incorrect location

Door Sill latches NOT in the UP position

39. What prevents Cargo Door closing