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14,000 ft - from CPCS or Altitude Switch

1. What is the Cabin Altitude for automatic cabin mask deployment

Crew = Upper Avionics Bay, Cabin = Fwd Cargo, R/H sidewall

2. Where are the oxygen bottles located

Over-pressure of Crew Oxygen sys (Fwd of cargo door) or Cabin Oxygen sys (Aft of cargo door)

3. The green disc is pissing from R/H fuselage indicator, why

Oxygen System Control Unit (OSCU)

4. Oxygen Regulator Valves are controlled by


5. Which CPIOM connects to OSCU to provide Cab Alt signal

“MASK MAN ON” P/B on Oxy panel

6. How do you discharge Oxy to pax manually

Engine Burst Area Distribution between Frame 39 and 78. Can isolate parts of the distribution lines if ruptured.

7. How does A380 accommodate for Engine Rotor Burst

CPIOM-F 1/2 Com, 3/4 Mon. 1/3 = Side 1, 2/4 = Side 2

8. Which IMA Controls and Monitors the fuel system

Alternate Gauging Processors in FQDC provides secondary fuel measurement sys

9. What is secondary system structure to CPIOM

3 automatic modes, Load Alleviation, Main and CG. Manual transfers also possible

10. How many types of fuel transfer are there

Moved outboard to outer tanks after takeoff, moved inboard to feed tanks prior to landing

11. When does Load Alleviation transfer begin

Prior to landing

12. When does outer tank start to be emptied

Main pump 2, Standby pump 3

13. Which Engine feed pumps operate in Emergency Electrical Configuration

Do not operate if in Emergency Elect. Config or if any tank FQI has failed completely

14. In what conditions are the jettison valves inhibited


15. How many channels in the FDU

Electro-Pneumatic detectors

16. What type of detector is used in the engine

Ambient or Duct using Photoelectric cells

17. What type of smoke detectors are used

DEU-B, then to CIDS SDF

18. Which LRU receives LAV smoke detector signals

Fire Extinguishing Data Converters Monitor and Fire the Cargo Fire Bottles

19. Which LRU controls Cargo Fire Bottles

Temperature Compensated Pressure Switch on each bottle

20. What triggers the “discharge” light when low Px in extinguisher bottles

Duct smoke detectors to CIDS-SDF (via CAN C & D) for warnings in cockpit

21. How is IFEC smoke indication triggered

Via OMS.

22. How do you perform APU Fire Extinguishing Test