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a. The Energy Applications

What is the function of the CPIOM Es

b. Only the loss of the hosted applications is indicated

What is the cockpit indication for the loss of a CPIOM

a. They a fully interchangeable, but may need software reconfiguration

What can be said about the AFDX Switches

a. It will become a Class 1 Level 1 Fault

What happens if a single IOM failure (Class 4 Fault) is not rectified within 1000 Flight Hours

c. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,9

Which AFDX switches are allocated to Network A

c. Class 4 failure but is time limited to 1000 Flight Hours

What is the effect of a single AFDX cable failure


b. Avionics, Flight Operations, Communications & Cabin

The NSS is split into three domains, what are they


Which of the following is NOT possible with the PMAT

c. To convert Laptop Data into DVI Data for the OITs

What is the function of the Terminal Processor Units (TPUs)

a. When the difference between the ANSU-OPS databases is less than 2GB

When does automatic REPLICATION of the ANSU-OPS Databases take place

a. To the ANSU-OPS Repository

When loading new Avionic Domain software, where is the new software normally loaded to

b. In the ARU-AFMR

Where is the operating system for the Terminal Processor Units (TP) stored



Which domains are monitored by the Right OMS Functions

c. Any detected failure generating a flight deck effect

What is indicated by a CLASS 1 Failure

a. ARINC 429 subscribers

The STANDARD A BITE only effects which type of subscribers

b. It indicates the type of event

On a STANDARD B BITE fault code, what is indicated by the Middle Letter

c. When CAS is lower than 80 Kts for more than 150 seconds

With all engines running, when does CMS Data Recording STOP

c. The OITs. OMT. PMAT and Printer 1 (for maintenance reports)

Which Human Machine Interfaces are used to control the DLCS


c. By the use of the letters VM

How are the Integrated Control Panels identified

a. Via the backup connection direct from the ADIRUs

In the event of a complete ADCN failure, how do the EFIS DUs receive data

c. An automatic transfer to the Captains ND will occur

What happens in the event of the Captains PFD failure

c. An automatic transfer to the System Display will occur

What happens in the event of an EWD failure

c. Spoiler 2, 4, 6. 8 Failure

Which of the items below could be considered as a SECONDARY Failure

a. CRC with Flashing Master Warning Attention Getters

What would be the indications of a LEVEL 3 ALERT Activation

c. An Amber Caution on the EWD, with no attention getters

What would be the indications of a LEVEL 1 ALERT Activation

c. Two PFDs, Two NDs, and the SD

With no reconfigurations, which of the cockpit Display Units can be used to display Video Information from the ETACs for example

a. 5 Minutes

How long does the FDR continue to record after last engine shut down


c. 150 KVA, 115 VAC, 3 Phase

What is the rated output of the VFGs

c. AC BUS 4

Which is the Back Up supply for the AC ESS BUS

a. GGPCU 5 and 6

Which Generator and Ground Power Control Units control the APU Generators

b. APU GEN A supplies AC BUS 1 and AC BUS 2

What is the electrical configuration, with only the APU Generators supplying the aircraft

b. BAT 1 and BAT ESS

When on Battery Power Only, which batteries are in Parallel


Which AC Buses are supplied from the EMERG GENERATOR

c. EXT 2. EXT 3. EXT 1. EXT 4

What is the recommended sequence to energise the aircraft with all four EXT PWR sources available

b. VFG 3, EXT 3, APU B, APU A, VFG 4, EXT 4, VFG 2, EXT 2

What is the source priority for AC BUS 3

a. BTC 1 and 4 CLOSED, the rest are OPEN

With EXT 2 and 3 and both APU generators ON, what is the positions of BTC 1 to 6 and the SIC

c. By their own VFG permanent Magnet Generators

With the VFGs operating, how are the GGPCUs powered

c. To supply low power technical loads (Up to 15A)

What is the purpose of the Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Centre

a. Electrical power and the Green Hydraulic System

What is required to Re-Stow the RAT