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b. Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic

What material is mainly used for the Centre Wing Box

c. Rear Pressure Bulkhead

Which are the areas where CFRP Monolithic Applications are mostly used

a. Aluminium Alloy

What material is used for the Main Deck Cross Beams


b. 200 °C

To what temperature is the engine bleed air normally regulated to


Where are the EBAS and PADS applications hosted

c. They are all controlled to OPEN

What is the position of the three Crossbleed Valves with one engine bleed failure

a. By energising its solenoid when the upstream pressure is greater than 15 Psi

How are the Bleed Valves controlled to OPEN

a. The Bleed Transfer Pressure and Intermediate Port Pressure Transducers

Which transducers are used to make the selection between the HP and IP Engine bleed ports

b. CPIOM-A1 with CPIOM-A3 as a back-up

Which CPIOMs are used for the Engine 1 Bleed System

c. CPIOM-A2 with CPIOM-A4 as a back-up

Which CPIOMs are used for the Engine 3 Bleed System

a. During the engine start sequence or when the APU Bleed is selected to ON

When will the EBAS application automatically close an Engine Bleed Valve

b. 38 Loops

How many Heat Detection Loops are fitted to the A380 if the FWD and AFT cargo compartment heating systems are NOT installed


b. In two dedicated CPIOMs - B

How are each pair of Flow Control Valves controlled and monitored

b. Each has its own dedicated dual channel Full Authority Digital AGU controller

How are each of the Air Generation Units controlled and monitored

c. To prevent reverse flow from the mixer when the AGU is not operating

What is the purpose of the AGU Check Valve (ACKV)

a. The first stage turbine air

Which air does the Altitude Valve Bypass

b. Downstream from FCV 2 and FCV 3

Where is the hot air for the Trim Air System normally tapped from

b. Eight are Installed

Not including optional filters, how many High Efficiency Particulate Absorber Filters are installed

a. The Aft VCM

Which Ventilation Control Module (VCM) controls the right Recirculation Fans

b. Near to the Outflow Valves

With the Compartment Air Extraction (CAX) Fans operating, where do they discharge the air to

b. Four

How many Outflow Valves are installed on the A380-800

b. The other FCV in the same AGU will compensate to maintain correct flow

What happens to an Air Generation Unit (AGU) if one of its FCVs fails

b. 80 Degrees Centigrade

With the Forward Cargo Ventilation system installed, at what duct temperature will the forward cargo compartment Trim Air Valves be automatically closed

c. CPIOM B3 and B4

Which CPIOM-Bs control and Monitor the Avionic Equipment Ventilation System


a. Monitoring of Engine 3 and control of Engine 1 Anti-Ice

Regarding the Engine Anti-Ice, what are the functions of the Anti-Ice Control Unit 2 Channel A

c. Electrically controlled and Pneumatically operated

How are the Wing Anti-Ice Valve controlled and operated

b. By two Ice Protection Control Units (IPCUs)

How is the temperature of the Floor Panel Heaters regulated


b. From the switches installed on the GND HYD section of the Overhead Panel

Where are the Electric Motor Pumps controlled from

b. They are factory pre-filled with Helium Gas

Which of the following statements is correct regarding the Power Accumulators

a. By a mechanical and electrical indicating system

How is clogging of the Case Drain, Return and HP Filters indicated

c. When the pressure drops below 2900 PSI

When does the hydraulic pressure indication change from Green to Amber

b. At 6010 Psi

When does the Pressure Relief Valve on the outer pylon HP Manifold open

c. The Green System

Which hydraulic circuit is used to operate the cargo doors

b. The Yellow System

Which hydraulic circuit is used to operate the body gear steering

c. Hydraulically

How are the fans in the Air/Hydraulic Heat Exchangers operated

a. The Motor Runs at normal speed

With hydraulic power available, what happens to the Air/Hydraulic Heat Exchanger Motor in the event of the related HSMU not being powered


a. De-energised to UNLOCK, energised to LOCK

What condition are the cockpit door release strikes in to UNLOCK and to LOCK the door

c. At an A/C Altitude between 24.000 and 28.000 Feet

In flight, when is the Flight Lock Actuator released

b. Green System

Which hydraulic system is used by the cargo door open/close system


a. 115 VAC, 400Hz, Three Phase from the Frequency Converter

What power supply is required for the operation of the Captains and First Officers Seats

c. Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen

On the escape slide system, what is the Coolant Reservoir filled with

a. Vertically and Horizontally

In which directions can the Captain and First Officers Seats be electrically driven