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b. From two compressors that run simultaneously

How are the potable water tanks pressurised in flight

a. Cabin Differential Pressure

Above 16000 Feet, what is used to move toilet waste to the waste storage tanks

c. On the ground only

When is the Auto Flush Function available


a. The Inner Centre and Outer doors

Which of the Body Landing Gear Doors are hydraulically operated

b. In the approach phase when all landing gears are downlocked

When does the Oleo Pressure Monitoring System do a check of the landing gear pressures

c. Eleven in total

How many Proximity Sensors are installed on the Body Landing Gear

b. Green for the Nose and Wing Gears, Yellow for the Body Gear

Which hydraulic systems are used for the Landing Gear Extension/Retraction System

a. Each has three unlock actuators and two proximity sensors

Which of the following is correct regarding the Gear and Door Uplocks

c. CPIOM-G 1 and 3

Which CPIOM Gs are the processing elements for Side 1 of the Landing Gear Control and Indicating System

b. Three Cut-Out Valves and Five Vent Valves

In the free fall extension system, how many Vent and Cut-Out Valves are there

c. The cut-out valve actuators are energised

During a free fall extension cycle, what happens from 0 to 7 seconds

b. By two DC brushless electric motors

How are each of the Vent and Cut-Out Valves operated

c. Electrically

How is the Ground Door Opening System controlled

a. When the landing gear is not in the selected position

On the SD WHEELS Page, when is the Amber "L/G CTL" message shown

b. When the BLG is in the DIP position

During a landing gear extension cycle, when does the BLG Centre door close


b. All WLG Wheels and the Centre and Front wheels of each BLG

Which wheels have brake installed on them

c. An Isolation Valve

What type of valve is the Normal Brake Selector Valve (NBSELV)

c. When the landing gear is selected up

When does Retraction Braking occur


b. From the Green Hydraulic System

How is the NWS normally operated

c. If the NWS angle is greater than 20 degrees and speed is less than 30 Knots

When is the BLG Steering system available

c. From the LEHGS

How is the NWS operated in Alternate Mode


b. Twenty are installed

In total, how many accelerometer and rate gyro units are installed to provide information to the PRIMs

a. Two LRUs called Flight Control and Guidance Units 1A and 1B

What is the makeup of PRIM 1

c. The Elevators, Ailerons and some Spoilers

Which primary flight control surfaces have conventional servo controls installed

a. Hydraulic, Retracted, Blocking and Maintenance

What are the operating modes for the conventional Spoiler servo controls

b. The INBD and MIDBD

Which Ailerons have Electro-Hydrostatic Actuators fitted to them

a. When the hydraulic supply is no longer available to both EBHAs on the same rudder

In flight, when will a Rudder Electrical Backup Hydraulic Actuator (EBHA) go from the Hydraulic Active Mode to Electrical Active Mode

c. If both Electrical and Hydraulic power fails

When will a spoiler Electrical Backup Hydraulic Actuator (EBHA) go to Blocking Mode

c. The Green Hydraulic Motor is active, and the Yellow Hydraulic Motor is in Standby

In normal operation, how is the THS driven

c. Spoilers 2, 4, 6 and 8

Which Spoilers are operated by the green hydraulic system

c. Spoilers 3 to 8

Which spoiler are used for the Roll Function

a. As soon a s the Slat/Flap lever is place in Position "1" or more

When does the Aileron Droop Function take place

b. Two Backup Power Supply Units and One Backup Control Module

Which components make up the Backup Electrical System


b. By two Slat/Flap Control Computers

How are the Slats and Flaps controlled and monitored

b. By an Electric Motor and the Green Hydraulic System

How is the SLAT PCU Driven

b. Four Droop Nose Actuators and twelve Geared Rotary Actuators

In the Slat System, how many Droop Nose and Geared Rotary Actuator are there

c. When the CAS reached 212 Kts.

With the Slat/Flap configuration at 1+F, at what speed will the Flap automatically be retracted

c. By the Yellow and the Green Hydraulic Systems

How is the FLAP PCU Driven

b. The Slat Wing Tip Brakes are electrically supplied only

Which is the correct statement when describing the SLAT system Wing Tip Brakes